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an acute phase of the permanent instability of mankind

“Forcible transfers of populations are one of the most shocking symptoms of the cruelty of the modern world. We have seen Hitler’s Germany uprooting the Jews of Poland from their homeland, and removing them to concentration camps; Stalin’s Russia substituting Slav colonists for German natives in East Prussia; and Israel driving nearly a million Arabs out of their own villages to make room for Zionist immigrants. In every country nowadays there will be found colonies of exiles or refugees, whether from Lithuania, perhaps, or Armenia, or Russia, or elsewhere, living among-or rather, beside-the inhabitants of their temporary resting-place, reproducing in our own time the kaleidoscopic spectacle of the folk-migrations of antiquity.

These racial shifts appear new and strange to us only because they have begun to disrupt the superficial tranquility of a world whose people seemed to be settled, even embedded, in their peculiar habitations. But from a remoter point of view, as in the perspective of biblical ideas, the modern phenomenon is only an acute phase of the permanent instability of mankind; while the more inflexible structures of civilization are seen as a fragile top-crust, like the thin layer of solid lava on the surface of a volcano. The events of the present generation are symptomatic of the fundamental condition of fallen man, which is a state of dispersal. We have tried to regain the benefits of a homeland in the rigid mold of nation-states-the fractured appearing in the mold remind us that we are really stateless persons, sojourners: we rediscover no less than the basic truth about our life on earth, through these crimes of contemporary society.

In the Bible, as we have already seen, the fragmentation of mankind into nationalities is recognized as a feature of the condition of life under sin. It is described as a consequence of the particular sin of Babel. Hence, immediately, that ambivalent quality in the situation, which points to the inward mystery of the phenomenon of deportations.” pg. 59, 60 “The Lord of History” by Jean Danielou

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