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sweater jacket bought on Telegraph Ave. 1969 Berkeley Calif.

This evening I was down in the lower level look for a book, "The New Jim Crow" by Michele Alexander and came across some of my old clothes from my High School years. I am a pack rat. I tend to keep certain things/objects/clothes/books/diaries to remind me of my Past. I remember buying this wool sweater coat on Telegraph Ave. Berkeley Calif. when I was in the 12th Grade 1969. I was in Berkeley with my girlfriend Debbie wandering Telegraph Ave digging the scene. Debbie and I often went to Berkeley to sit in cafe's drinking tea and watching the freaks. I remember the day I bought this sweater coat Debbie spilled hot chocolate on it. Over the years my first foster mother knitted new sleeves on it and one old girlfriend sewed new buttons on it. It is too warm to wear here in West Michigan. Also I no longer fit into this sweater coat. Where have the years gone?

sweater jacket bought in 1969 Berkeley Calif.

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