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we read ourselves, and then we report on that reading. We call it writing.

It is in the flow of my life during the month of May 2015 West Michigan 10:05 AM Wednesday. I am still here waiting for the Last Day. Remember the Lord is coming back. We read in the Gospel of Matthew, "For as the lighting comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be" Matt. 24:27.

I got up this morning around 7:05 AM. When I got up I made one cup of oatmeal and warmed up coffee made last night. Why waste good coffee just because it sat for 12 hours. I took my coffee to our main computer and read music reviews and listened to music on YouTube. Next I read blogs in LiveJournal and Diaryland. I then ate my oatmeal and wrote in my paper diary.

Carol got home from work around 8:40 AM and has gone to bed for the day. Outside it is cold and gray. If the sun comes out today I plan to take pictures of tulips/flowers.

Last night I read my books and watched television. I went to bed around 11:05 PM last night. Now it is another day to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. I have been wondering lately if I am in a state of spiritual declension? As a professing Christian I should be growing spiritually more mature. I wonder if due to all my secular reading I am becoming worldly. I am suppose to be heavenly minded. Where is my mind/heart these days. I am suppose to be seeking the Lord zealously each day. Where are my good works? Where is my desire for holiness? It seems all I do is nothing. The world is perishing and I am sitting in this house living the life of a middle class recluse. Weird. How will I explain this to God on the Day of Judgment?

I will close to brush my teeth and go visit thrift stores. Existence keeps speeding by.

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