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It is now in the flow of time 9:43 PM Tuesday night. This evening my wife got up around 6:25 PM to get ready for work. My wife is a night nurse at a local community hospital. When my wife got up I made coffee for her and sat across from her waiting to see if she would recognize that I had gotten a haircut and my beard trimmed. As we sat at the dining room table we talked as she drank her coffee and looked through the evening local newspaper. I kept waiting for her to notice I looked different, but she did not see me. After awhile I said to my wife "Do you SEE me?" She looked at me and then noticed that I had my beard trimmed and that my hair was shorter. I am always telling my wife she does not SEE me, but she does not believe me. When I tell her she does not see me she always replies that she is up in her head. I always SEE my wife and that brings me delight. I love my wife even when she does not see me.


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