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Jane Smiley

It is now in the flow of this cold dark dreary wet day 12:48 PM Sunday afternoon. Carol is still not home from having brunch with a friend. I laid down for 30 minutes down in the lower level. A weird intense dream woke me up. So I got up to face existence.

Earlier I was going through my books seeing what books I had by the writer Jane Smiley. Yesterday while at the library book nook I put aside a novel by Jane Smiley because I was not sure if I had it in our book collection. Below is a list of Smiley's novels. I put an X by the ones in our library. I will take this list with me next Saturday (if I am not dead) and see if I don't have it. I am always buying books already in our book collection.

Barn Blind (1980)
At Paradise Gate (1981)
Duplicate Keys (1984)
The Greenlanders (1988)
"Ordinary Love" & "Good Will" (1989) two novellas X
A Thousand Acres (1991) X
Moo (1995) X
The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton (1998) X
Horse Heaven (2000) X
Good Faith (2003) X
Ten Days in the Hills (2007) X
The Georges and the Jewels (UK title: Nobody's Horse) (2009)
Private Life (2010) X
A Good Horse (2010)
Some Luck (2014)
Early Warning (April, 2015)

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