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I have been reading off and on "My Struggle" Book Two by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I really enjoyed reading Book One of "My Struggle". I want to get through Book Two so I can go onto to Book Three and then Book Four of "My Struggle". I really like this review of Book Four located in Flavorwire.

"Object Lesson: Why We Need Physical Books" an essay by William Giradli

"I am reading "Madame Bovary" for the third, maybe forth, time. I know full well what is going to happen to the poor woman-curiosity cannot be my motivation. Nor, really, am I reading for moral edification, or for a better understanding of the nineteenth-century provincial life. Why, then? I read the book because of what happens to me when I read it, because it makes me feel a certain way about my life. It allows me to concentrate on aspects of the real that other wise elude me." pg. 350,351 "Notes from a Confession" an essay by Sven Birkerts (this essays is found in the volume "An Artificial Wilderness: Essays On Twentieth-Century Literature" by Sven Birkerts)

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