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Pauline Christology

It is in the flow of my day 9:12 PM Tuesday night. Tomorrow I will have another day to keep track of. Why do I keep track of my days? Why do I write all the time about nothing. I suppose it has become a habit to write down nothing all the time. I am wasting precious time writing about nothing of eternal value. I am in the Wasteland writing about nothing that will last in eternity. Am I being foolish? What would wise thing to do with my days?

I had a super quiet day wandering my cell and reading my books. I had a good time even if this cold is a pain in the butt. It could be worse. I am not experiencing the misery of eternal damnation. It must be horrible to be in Hell always feeling miserable.

I read from these books today when not feeling sick with a cold-

“10:04″ a novel by Ben Lerner

“The Age Of Missing Information” by Bill McKibben

“A Legacy” a novel by Sybille Bedford

“Philip Larkin: A Writer’s Life” biography by Andrew Motion

I listened to pod cast on Pauline Christology this evening/Chris Trilling. Carol got up around 6:25 PM this evening and left for work around 7:50 PM. She is still sick with a bad cold, but we are both getting better. Carol has been sick going on two weeks.

I plan to be in bed by 10:30 PM tonight. I can not escape tomorrow. I can not escape Time.


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