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life is too fragmented, too multifarious to be narrowed down to one single narrative

The morning goes by normal. It will soon be 12 o'clock Noon. It is a cold gray windy day. I wonder if I should take a nap this afternoon. At least my cold is not getting worse.

I have been basically reading this morning a novel titled, "10:04" by Ben Lerner. I thought of going someplace, but I should stay home and nurse my cold. Why expose myself to more deadly germs.

book reviews "10:04" a novel by Ben Lerner

I wonder if I will receive anything in the mail today. I am suppose to get in the mail the new Built to Spill CD 'Untethered Moon' this week. I pre-ordered this morning the new Paul Weller CD coming out next month.

I also ordered this morning a used autobiography written by British writer Anthony Powell. I like to have all Anthony Powell's books in our book collection. So much to read before the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.

Anthony Powell

Well it is will soon be Noon time and it is all downhill from that point on.

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