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End Times are here

It is 10:08 AM Tuesday morning in the flow of the Last Days. Outside this morning it is cold and windy. We are expecting by tomorrow snow. I suppose Spring has flown South for the winter. Like I always say here it does not get warm till June. Spring time in West Michigan is extremely short. I wonder if any tulips will be out by the time Tulip Time is here the first week of May.

Tulip Time Holland Michigan 2015

I got up this morning around 6:44 AM. I got up and drank coffee made last night. I messed with our main computer this morning and then wrote in my paper diary. After writing in my paper diary I made myself oatmeal for breakfast.

Carol got home from work late because she went to a grocery store after work. She has gone to bed for the day.

I am still suffering from a mild cold. I feel somewhat better today. Yesterday I felt like I was in a different plane of reality.

Last night I basically read a novel titled "10:04" by Ben Lerner and went to bed early. I have basically stopped watching TV. I rather read or sit in contemplative silence these days.

I am still not able to get into the Word of God. I am in one those moods where I am not able to get into anything super deep spiritually or intellectually. So I have been reading these books when not lost in space/Void-

"A Diary Of The Century: Tales from America's Greatest Diarist" by Edward Robb Ellis

"Quicksand: A Memoir" by Sybille Bedford

"After The Tall Timber: Collected Nonfiction" by Renata Adler

"The Age Of Missing Information" by Bill McKibben

There is nothing pressing on my mind this morning. Like I said I am getting over a mild cold. I suppose I will close to drift through another day. It will soon be over.

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