the state of marriage

It is 6:44 AM early Saturday morning here by Lake Michigan. As I sit here at our main computer there is a window on the right of me. As I look out this window I can see the sun coming up over the trees and houses. It looks like it is going to be another sunny day. I like sunny days, even though sunny days do not make me feel deep inside sunny. I do believe by faith I am in the Light. I know I am not dwelling in darkness spiritually speaking. I live my life before God. No one can hide from God, even if they suppress the knowledge of God in unrighteousness.

I got up around 6:10 AM made a pot of coffee and then came to our main computer to read blogs and news.

I find these days my mind going way back into my Past. When I approach another wedding anniversary I find my mind going back to the days before I married Carol. Carol and I will have been married next month 36 years. The years Carol and I have been together have zoomed by! If I live another four years Carol and I would have been married 40 years. That is a long time to be with one person in the state of marriage.

I have been a Christian 45 years. I woke up this morning not feeling spiritual. I like to feel spiritual, but most of the time I feel tired. Where is my spiritual zeal? Where is my excitement spiritually speaking? I live by faith and not feelings. All I can do is come before the Lord in silence and surrender to His love.

Carol is sleeping right now. She is still getting over a cold. I have thus far not gotten sick with Carol’s cold.

This morning I volunteer at the library book nook from 10 AM till 1 PM. This day will go be quickly.

Well I will close to watch the sun come up. There is no way out. I am trapped.
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It sounds like you are stuck in a rut - I would take some time out and go somewhere a little ddifferent. Take a camera with you, since you are good at taking nice photos. Sometimes it is good to live your life through a lens for a while, see what catches your eye. I think it's like looking for the smaller things, then seeing the bigger picture.

At the most, it might make you feel connected to God; at the least you will have some lovely pix :-)

stuck in a rut
I go through periods of feeling stuck-dead inside-in time I begin to feel OK again-when I feel this way I tend to just wait it out-I should walk more when I feel this way-but like I said I get in these states of being and just wait them out-peace