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breaking through illusion to the reality of love

It is 2:57 PM Saturday afternoon. It is still sunny outside. I thought about going for a walk someplace, but I am not in the mood. I also rather walk during the morning hours and not afternoon hours.

I had a normal time at the Herrick District Public Library used books store. When not helping people with their used books I read, "After The Tall Timber: Collected Nonfiction" by Renata Adler. I brought home from the book nook these three used books to add to our book collection-

"A History Of Heaven: The Singing Silence" by Jeffrey Burton Russell (I already had this book, but my copy is a paperback. This edition is nice clean brand new hardback edition.)

"Isaac Newton" biography by James Gleick (I recently bought used Gleick's book, "The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood".)

"Boone: A Biography" by Robert Morgan (I have another book by Robert Morgan in our library titled, "Lions of the West: Heroes and Villains of the Westward Expansion".)

My friend Tim stopped by the book nook. He is slowly feeling better. He asked if I could take him to a grocery store after I was finished volunteering at the book nook. So after the book nook I drove Tim to a grocery store and then took him home. When I got home I ate lunch and cleaned the kitchen. I also made myself a fresh pot of coffee and now I am writing in my blogs. Not much else to report. Carol is sleeping and nothing came in the mail to bring in the Kingdom of Glory. Well, I will close to recover from life.

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