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several marchers claimed to have spotted members of the American Nazi Party along the line of march

It is now in the life flow 4:41 PM Thursday late afternoon. Soon it will be evening time once again. Outside it is 50 degrees and rainy. I am not sure when we will see sunshine again. So much is left in darkness when it comes to the future.

I did take a short nap this afternoon. I laid down around 12:30 PM and got up around 2 o'clock PM. I woke up because my hands and arms were in pain. So I got up to face the cold damp day.

I did take over food to our friend Tim around 11 o'clock AM. Tim has been sick with bad cold and an ear inflection.

I have been reading this afternoon a book titled, "After The Tall Timber: Collected Nonfiction" by Renata Alder. In the mail I received a book titled, "Readings" essays by Sven Birkets.

Renata Alder interview

I have to close to make coffee for Carol. She got up early this evening. She works the next three nights. Existence keeps speeding by. No way out.

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