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sublime moment of creative fusion

It is in the time flow 4 o’clock PM Wednesday late afternoon. Outside it is gray and wet. The kids are playing a board game. Carol is feeding Josie mashed potatoes. I am trying to not fall asleep and reading “Leaving The Atocha Station” a novel by Ben Lerner.

It has been a day for me drifting in a fog of exhaustion. I got up too early this morning and I should have taken a nap this afternoon.

I have done nothing today but wander the house seeking to keep myself awake. Carol and I did go grocery shopping this morning. We also did some other errands while we were out driving around.

Nothing came in the mail today. Yesterday I received in the mail these books-

“After The Tall Timber: Collected Nonfiction” Renata Adler

“Sight-Readings: American Fictions” essays by Elizabeth Hardwick

“Words Without Music: A Memoir” by Philip Glass

I do not know what else to report. I will post some family pictures taken last night when we were at Caleb and Emily’s apartment in Grand Rapids.

Keen family


Josiah & Hannah with Josie


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