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intensified my experience of the present

"Excepting subways, a few commuter trains, and the miniature train in a Topeka park. I had never traveled by rail, as archaic a method of conveyance. I thought of myself, as poetry; a few minutes later I offered this thought to Isabel. She laughed and leaned over and kissed me and I wished that Teresa could see us, dark fields sliding by. Isabel removed the silver sticks from her hair and leaned her head against my shoulder and drifted off while I flipped through the Tolstoy for a half-remembered passage about a train, but couldn't find it. It didn't matter, every sentence, regardless of its subject, became mimetic of the sentence, and I felt suddenly coeval with its syntax. Because the sentences of Tolstoy, or rather Constance Garnett's translations of Tolstoy, were in perfect harmony with the motion of the Talgo, real time and the time of prose began to merge, and reading, instead of removing me from the world, intensified my experience of the present." pg. 89 "Leaving The Atocha Station" a novel by Ben Lerner

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