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no reason to despair

It is now in the stream of Time 6:18 PM Thursday evening. I am down in the lower level looking at my books. Today I left the house around 9:45 AM to do errands. I first went to our Credit Union to get money and then drove to a gas station to fill up our old Dodge van with gas. Right now cost is cheap so I might as well fill up the gas tank. Carol filled up her car with gasoline this morning before coming home from work. Josiah and Hannah will use Carol's car while they are visiting us next week.

After filling up my old van with gas I drove to the Salvation Army thrift store to look their used books. I found only three used books to add to our library-

"Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America With Einstein's Brain" a biography and a travel memoir by Michael Paterniti

"Poems Seven: New and Complete Poetry" Alan Dugan

"Angels And Ages: A Short Book About Darwin, Lincoln, And Modern Life" by Adam Gopnik (I have two other books by Gopnik in our library "Paris to the Moon" and "Through The Children's Gate: A Home In New York:.)

After visiting Salvation Army thrift shop I drove over to a hardware store where we had our lawn mower tuned up. I picked up the lawn over and put it in the back of the van. I then drove towards home, but stopped to see if my friend Tim wanted to go out for coffee. Tim was sick with cold so we just had Christian fellowship for about an hour. I left Tim around 12:20 PM and when I got home I ate lunch.

I basically watched birds today and read "Leaving The Atocha Station" a novel by Ben Lerner. I cooked food when Carol got up and then cleaned the kitchen. So has gone by existence. Around 8 o'clock PM Carol's church elders will be here to visit for a few minutes and then they will not be seen for another year. I will stay down here while Carol and the elders have their visit. I am tired and plan to go to bed early. I am still recovering from a stomach inflection.

Not much else to report this evening. A ton more could be written but in time everything gets recorded that is important.

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