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Maundy Thursday

It is in the flow 7:12 AM Thursday morning. It is a warm morning. One could open the widows this morning if one so inclined to do so. I am sure our house smell of old dog and old people in the process of decay. I find it comforting the smell of normal middle class American existence.

Last night I listened to music and read "Leaving The Atocha Station" by Ben Lerner. I went to bed around 10:45 PM. I only woke up once during the night.

I should go this morning and put gasoline into our motor vehicles before gas goes up in price. I got a call last night from the hardware store that I took our lawnmower to have Spring tuned-up. The fellow on the phone told me it was ready to be picked up. The cost for the lawn mower tuned up was $53.00 dollars. I have a take off five dollar coupon for the lawn mower tuned up, so that will free some of the cash payment.

It is going to rain today. Right now it is warm and gray outside.

I got out these books to read for morning devotions-

Holy Bible

"We Believe in the Crucified and Risen Lord" Volume 3 [Ancient Christian Doctrine]

"Luke" New Testament III [Reformation Commentary On Scripture]

Tonight Carol's church elders visit her to see how she is doing spiritually and to see if she has anything that she finds wrong with the direction of Covenant PCA. When Carol's church elders are here for family visitation Rudy and I go down into the lower level. Usually the church elders are here only 20 minutes and then they are gone for another year.

Carol is off from work the next couple of nights.

Well I will close to wake up to existence. There is no way out.

american goldfinch
american gold finch

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