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French Impressionism

It is in the flow 5:52 PM Saturday evening. Another day gone down in the history books.

This morning I left for the Herrick District Library used books store which is about five minutes from our house. I was inside the used books store by 9:58 AM. The book nook was somewhat busy today. When not helping people with their materials I read "The Gray Notebook" by Joseph Pla.

While at the book nook Carol, Emily, and Josie stopped by to buy children's books.

I brought home these used books today from the library used books store-

"Another Country" a novel by Jame Baldwin

"Everything Is Illuminated" a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer

"The Great Book of French Impressionism" a giant Art book! wonderful reproductions of Impressionistic paintings in this massive volume

I got home from the book nook around 1:25 PM had lunch with Carol, Emily, and Josie.

Carol and Emily left to look at baby clothes. I watched Josie while they were gone.

So the day has gone by. No plans for the evening hours. I have been up since 5:55 AM and plan to go to bed early. Tomorrow is a Sunday. Next Saturday our son Josiah and his wife Hannah will be visiting us.

On Easter/Resurrection Sunday we will have for dinner our oldest son Caleb, his wife Emily and baby Josie, our son Josiah and his wife Hannah and Emily's Dad Mitch. Emily's mother is in London England visiting her other daughter for a week, so Emily's Dad is going to spend Easter with Caleb, Emily and Josie. And have Resurrection Sunday dinner with the whole family. I have not seen Mitch since Caleb and Emily got married. The years fly by!

Well I will close to face the flow of existence.

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