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that was where I had to go, to the essence, to the inner core of human existence

It is 12:17 PM Friday afternoon here by Lake Michigan. It is bitter cold sunny day. Carol and I have talked about going somewhere for a walk this afternoon, but right now I feel sick/tired. My stomach inflection is still bothering me.

I got up this morning around 7:34 AM. When I got up I found my wife in the kitchen making coffee. I made us oatmeal for breakfast and then I messed with our main computer.

Carol and I went grocery shopping this morning. When we got home we put away the groceries and had lunch. After lunch I wrote in my paper diary and Carol skyped Beth and Louisa. Beth is now 17 weeks pregnant and is doing fine. Louisa is walking and jabbering more.

So goes by Time for us here in West Michigan. I have been reading today "Quicksands" A Memoir by Sybille Bedford.

Last night while Carol was at a Woman's Bible Study I read, "My Struggle" Book Two by Karl Ove Knausgaard. When Carol got home around 10 o'clock PM we watched TV and went to bed around 11:20 PM.

Well I suppose I will close to float through the day.

I just received in the mail a book I had ordered used titled, "Philip Larkin: A Writer's Life" biography by Andrew Motion. Philip Larkin was a British poet and throughout his life a librarian.

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