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It is in the flow 8:09 PM Wednesday night. My wife has gone off to work, so I am alone tonight with my thoughts. Once again there is nothing on television worth watching. I seem to have lost interest on watching television shows on our Amazon Prime. I suppose in the end I am not really into watching television. I rather read my books or just listen to music. I found out tonight that Damon & Naomi have a new record out titled 'Fortune' which I ordered. Lately there seems to be a lot of music coming out. I have pre-ordered the new Lower Dens CD, the new Built to Spill CD, and the new God Speed! You Black Emperor CD.

For those who are not into the music of Damon & Naomi they were in the band Galaxie 500, which are no longer a band. Years ago I saw Damon & Naomi in concert in Grand Rapids MI.

So here I sit in my main study talking to myself. I have been mainly reading this evening a memoir titled, "Quicksands" by Sybille Bedford. I am really enjoying this memoir. This memoir takes me to another place in history/Old Europe. I read this afternoon one of the used books I bought this morning at the Salvation Army thrift store titled, Humiliation" essays by Wayne Koestenbrum.

What else can I write about this evening. I am feeling better physically. My doctor put me on antibiotics for my pylori infection. Carol told me to not upset my stomach by drinking any fire water. I do drink occasionally. I am not into craft beers like our two sons Caleb and Josiah. Carol and I are excited about our son Josiah and his wife Hannah visiting us/Caleb, Emily, and Josephine Joy next week. We/family will be together except for our daughter Bethany and her husband Andy and baby daughter Louisa Mae for Easter/Resurrection Sunday dinner. I do not think Joe has been home for over a year and a half. Josiah and Hannah live in Seattle Washington, they are both teachers.

Carol and I will see Beth, Andy and Lou when they visit us the end of May. Beth and Lou will be here for three weeks visiting Andy's family and us. Andy will have to fly home since he has to work. So he will only be here for a week.

Having a family/married children and grandchildren is a divine blessing. The Lord opens the womb. I should mention our Beth is with child and is due to give birth in September 2015 Lord willing. Carol plans to be there for two weeks when Beth has her second child/our third grandchild.

Carol and I are grandparents. I never really had grandparents. My mother's father was divorced when he visited us. If I remember correctly my mother's mother died when she was young girl. I never knew my father. I do remember vaguely my step-fathers parents, but never established any relationships with them. I did know Carol's parents when they were living. Carol's father died in his 60's and her mother lived to be in her late 80's. I am Carol's Dad's age when our children were little and we use to come to Holland to visit Carol's parents on vacations back in the 1980's. Where have the years gone?

Well I suppose I will close to read and listen to music. I am also hungry. Existence keeps speeding by.

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