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the beauty of the house of God

"This special mission, this giving, indwelling, and vivification on the part of the Holy Ghost, and that friendly and substantial presence or immanence of the entire Trinity within us cannot be caused, certainly, through any change in God Himself, for He is immutable. It is a change effected by Him in us when we are reborn, renewed, justified, and sanctified. This change is productive of a supernatural organism of which sanctifying grace is the essence, the substance, which deifies us. The properties or faculties of this organism are the virtues, the gifts, and the other powers which are infused in us after the manner of habits, through which we are able to act divinely. Finally, the graces gratis dataeand various transitory inspirations are classified as accidents in relation to this supernatural structure.

By these divine aids and the continual exercise of the Christian virtues we increase the talents which the Lord has entrusted to us. We grow in His grace and knowledge. We contribute to the development of the mystical body of the Savior and we ourselves are fashioned into living and holy temples of God in the Holy Ghost.

The life of grace, the ardor of charity, and the splendor of all the other virtues constitute the beauty of the house of God, and He dwells there with so much the more delight as He sees it more deified and more radiant with His eternal brilliance. When that divine dwelling place, that new city of God, reaches the required perfection, there will shine forth in it no light other than that which emanates from the wounds of the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.

The saints went into ecstasy and swooned away in contemplating the inexpressible beauty of the house of God, which caused them to exclaim: "How lovely are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!" This divine beauty cannot be other than the grace of our Savior and the communication of His Spirit whereby we are rendered pleasing in the eyes of the Father, for when we are thus honored and deified He sees Himself resplendent in us. How could we help but love and seek to obtain what merits so much esteem from the omnipotent God? Rather we should say with those souls who have a vivid experience of these truths: "I have loved, O Lord, the beauty of Thy house and the place where Thy glory dwelleth."

That happy place where we are able to enjoy God on earth is the center of our hearts, the depth of our souls. Let us enter within ourselves; let us close the doors of our senses to all earthly vanities; let us heed the voice that calls us to this sweet retreat and we shall find the kingdom of God and see His glory. God is there with His loving and glorious presence as long as we remain in true charity. He is inherent in our being and in our work as the beginning and immediate end of our supernatural life and all its characteristic functions. In the measure in which these are perfected and purged of the vicious habits of the old man by the ceaseless increase of light and the riddance of obstacles that impede our vision, we shall be truly renewed in the Spirit and we shall find that God is "all in all."" pg. 116,117 "The Mystical Evolution" by F. John G. Arintero


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