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they enter fully into the mystical state

"As these souls continue to follow the impulses of the Holy Ghost with docility, they gradually perceive His touches more and more clearly, taking note of His loving presence and recognizing the life and virtues which He infuses in them. In this way they begin, little by little, to work principally through the gifts, which are manifested to a high degree and as something superhuman. So they come to possess an innermost experience of the supernatural within themselves and they enter fully into the mystical state.

In this happy state habitual prayer is manifestly produced in the soul by the divine Consoler, who "pleads for us with inexpressible groanings" and makes us pray as we ought. Now with greater frequency and ever more clearly all His gifts guide the soul. Especially is this true of the gift of wisdom, by which divine things are tasted and experienced; and of the gift of understanding, by which the profound secrets of God are penetrated. Also, at times, the gifts of fear, piety, of fortitude, of knowledge, or of prudence may predominate.

"The Spirit breatheth where He will; and thou hearest His voice, but thou knowest not whence He cometh and whither He goeth. So is everyone that is born of the Spirit." So it is that certain privileged souls begin to feel His delicate touches at a very early stage. Ordinarily, however, the soul does not perceive these things clearly as supernatural until it is far advanced on the path of virtue and so united to the divine will that it neither softens nor stifles the voice of the Spirit. At this stage it does not resist. His impulses but follows Him with docility, permitting Him to work freely in it." pg. 20 "The Mystical Evolution" by Fr. John G. Arintero

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