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the desire to climb the mystical ladder which leads to Supreme Good

It in the flow of existence 12:43 PM Thursday afternoon. It is cold gray day here this afternoon. A good day to sit by a roaring log fire out in the North Michigan woods.

This morning my wife and I went to used books sale at a library in Hudsonville Mich. The used books sale was a dull, but I bought these used books to add to our book collection-

"Theft" a novel by Peter Carey

"Reinhart in Love" a novel by Thomas Berger

"Vital Parts" a novel by Thomas Berger

"The Early Writings of Alan Watts" Edited by John Snelling

"Zeroville" a novel by Steve Erickson

"The Diary of Virginia Woolf" Volume 3 Years 1925-1930 Edited by Anne Olivier Bell

"The Mitford Letters Between Six Sisters" Edited by Charlotte Mosley

"The Angel on the Roof" the stories of Russell Banks

After checking out this used books sale we visited a thrift store in Georgetown to check out their used books, but found nothing. After visiting this thrift store we drove home. Not much else to report.

Today I have been mainly reading when not distracted a book titled, "The Mystical Evolution in the Development and Vitality of the Church" Volume 1 by Fr. John G. Arintero, O.P. [Translated by Fr. Jordan Aumann, O.P.].

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