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grocery store

It is 3:51 PM late Wednesday afternoon in the flow of existence. Carol and I went grocery shopping when she got home after having lunch with a friend.

When we got home we put away the groceries and ate lunch. In the mail I received a used book I had ordered titled, "Quicksands: A Memoir" by Sybille Bedford. I have in our library Sybille Bedford's biography "Aldous Huxley".

Well I will close to recollect myself. Right now I feel scattered and need to gather myself. Today while we were grocery shopping I saw a fellow shoplifting and told two store employees who did nothing to stop the guy. Later I found one of the store managers and told him that I caught a fellow shoplifting and told two of his store employees who did nothing. I told the store manager you are going to lose money when your employees do nothing to stop shoplifting. Maybe I should have gone up to the shoplifter and taken his mug shot.

grocery store

grocery store

a picture of Carol buying baby toys for our granddaughter Josie Mae
grocery store

grocery store

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