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visits a holy city in Ethiopia

It is in the flow 7:51 PM Monday night. It is 64 degrees outside this evening. My wife just left for work. After tonight she is off three nights from work. I wish my wife did not have to work. But she can not retire she is 65 years old. Presently my wife is 62 years old. I will be 63 years old this coming August.

Right now I am visiting Africa and listening to music. Here is a list of CD’s I am listening to this evening-

Napalm Death ‘Apex Predator-Easy Meat’

Old Man Gloom ‘The Ape Of God I’

Lightning Bolt ‘Hypermagic Mountain’

Inter Arma ‘Sky Burial’

I had a normal afternoon reading Mystical Theology. Carol got up early this afternoon, she got up around 4:30 PM. It is going to be a long night at work for my wife. My wife amazes me in that she can stay awake 14 hours a day. I need to sleep at least seven hours at night in order to function somewhat normally.

I read this evening some more of the novel “Bliss” by Peter Carey. I read while Carol skyped our daughter Bethany and our granddaughter Louisa Mae. Lou is now 1 years old. I wish I could remember when I turned one years old. I think when I was one years old my mother and I were living in Oakland California. I never knew my father. I really never had throughout my life a father figure. God is my Father.

I got out to read this evening a used book I bought today titled, “Tropical Classical: Essays From Several Directions” by Pico Iyer.

Pico Iyer

I am not in the mood to watch television these days. I rather read my books or listen to music.

Tomorrow is a Tuesday. I have nothing to do tomorrow life transforming. I am on the Narrow Way.

Well I suppose I will close to sit in the dark and listen to noise rock. Existence keeps speeding by!

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