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I have been thinking today about what would I include in my obituary. My wife being a nurse is always reading our town newspaper obituary section to find out who has died since her shift as a night nurse. My wife also will read to me obituaries that she finds interesting or inspiring. This morning my wife told me a fellow she had taken care of recently had died. The fellow was only 64 years old and had a heart attack while working in his Green House. I was wondering what this fellow's obituary would read since he had not lived a very long life. Did this fellow work is whole life in a Green House taking care of plants? Did he take over his father's business when his father died from a heart attack when he was also in his 60's. To me 64 years is a very short space of time. I once worked with a fellow who had worked on egg processing machines for over 50 years. Right now this fellow's son is working at a egg processing plant and has been working there since he was a teenager and now he is in his 40's. This fellow will spent like his father 50 years working in a Egg Processing Factory. What will his obituary read like when he is dead? What will my obituary read like when I am dead? I have not done much in 62 years. Also my obituary is suppose to reflect the fact I have confessed to be a Christian. Right now I do not have a membership in a church. I do not have a minister to deliver a sermon when I am dead. I have told my wife I do not want a funeral service. I want to be buried in a dirt hole in a meadow someplace where there are trees and flowers. I do not want to be placed in a coffin, but wrapped in canvas material and placed in the ground to wait for the Final Resurrection.

In my obituary you would have to mention my place of birth which was, Oakland California. I was born the year 1952. I was born outside of wedlock. I do not have a home town. I moved around as a child/teenager/young man.

In my obituary if my wife Carol is still living you would state how many years we had been married and how many children and grandchildren we had as husband and wife. I would be surprise if we live long enough to see any great-grandchildren.

In my obituary you would have to list my education. I went to Reformed Bible College Grand Rapids Mich. and Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson, Mississippi. I sought the calling of a Gospel Preacher but the Lord called me to a life of silence/isolation.

I really do not have a work record like some fellows who worked 40 years as a truck driver or delivering mail.

In my obituary one could list my hobbies like writing, collecting books and listening to death metal/gloom metal.

I would want people to know I died trusting the Lord Jesus to bring me to Heaven to worship Him forever. Right now my obituary looks pretty slim. I have not accomplished much in my 63 years of life. All I can do is look to the Lord to save me. Salvation is all of divine grace and not something I can merit by good works.

Well, I will close to read and wait for the Last Day.
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