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used book sales

I am down in the lower level writing on my old super slow lap top. I came down here to find the web site that list all the used book sales going on in Michigan this year.

Last year we went to a used books sale in Zeeland and found a lot of good used books. I wanted to find out if Zeeland Public Library was going to have another used books sale during the month of April.

Carol has gone off to work. I suppose I will read and at 10 o'clock PM I will watch a TV show and at 11 o'clock PM go to bed. Existence keeps decaying.

I have been reading this evening, "Bliss" a novel by Peter Carey (I have in our library another novel by Peter Carey titled, "True History of the Kelly Gang."). This afternoon I finished reading, “Mr Phillips” a novel by John Lanchester.

Peter Carey

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