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Anastasia Bizenko

It is 9:26 PM Tuesday night. I have been sitting in our living room listening to the music of At the Drive-In and looking at two biographies of the life of Pablo Picasso-

"Pablo Picasso: His Life And Times" A Biography by Pierre Cabanne

"Picasso: Creator And Destroyer" biography by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington

I have the above books next to our main computer along with these other books containing art by Pablo Picasso-

"Picasso: Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man" by Norman Mailer

"Picassos Picassos" by David Douglas Duncan

"Viva Picasso: a Centennial Celebration 1881-1981" by David Douglas Duncan

"Picasso" [Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Masters Of Art Series] Color Plates

"The Philosophy of Modern Art" by Herbert Read a chapter in this book discusses the art of Picasso

I collect books on the life and art of Pablo Picasso. The reason I was looking at these biographies on Picasso was that one of my LJ friends commented that Picasso had a child/fathered a child when he was 90 years old. Thus far I have not been able to verify that statement. I did read tonight Picasso had five children over his life time. He might have had more, but right now I do not know for sure. I will keep digging.

I also have been reading tonight from a book titled, "The Deluge: The Great War, America And The Remaking Of The Global Order, 1916-1931" by Adam Tooze.

Earlier I read the beginning essays in the book, "Great French Paintings from The Barnes Foundation."

Carol left for work around 7:50 PM. There is nothing on TV worth watching so I have been listening to music and reading my Art books. Tomorrow is a Wednesday. Existence keeps decaying.

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