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The Blood Brothers

It is the divine flow 8:07 PM Monday night. I am in my main study waiting for the floors to dry. This evening I mopped floors after Carol left for work. Due to the winter weather we are always tracking in snow dirt and the kitchen floors are dirty. I really do not mine dirt as long as it is not super bad. But tonight was the night to mop because Spring is around the corner. When Spring comes one feels like cleaning away the dirt of Winter. Now I am sitting in my main study writing to the music of The Blood Brothers (the The Blood Brothers are no longer together as a band). Years ago for some weird reason I got into the music of The Blood Brothers. My music taste goes over the place. Some Christians would find my music taste demonic. To me music is just one of the spokes on the wheel of Reality. At the center of my Reality is God who is my Sovereign King. I am under the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not believe there is in the Adamic world any pure Christian music. Plus I do not listen to music most of the Time. For example today I spent most of my day reading in a state of silence. Today I read mainly "My Struggle" Book Two by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I sat in our dining room drinking coffee, writing in my paper diary and reading throughout the day "My Struggle" Book Two.

Carol got home from having lunch with friends around 3:35 PM and went to bed and slept till 6:35 PM. She has left for work and now I am alone with my words and the music of The Blood Brothers. There is nothing on TV worth watching tonight, so I will read and listen to music. Tomorrow is a Tuesday.

Well I suppose I will close to see if the floors are dry.

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