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Easter rabbit

It is 9:05 AM Monday morning in the flow. Nothing has happened since I last wrote. Outside this morning it is sunny and not as cold as it has been lately. We might get up to 45 degrees this week!

I got up this morning around 7:15 AM. Last night I went to bed around 10:50 PM. One can not escape clocks. Time can not be forgotten. So I got up made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. Next I wrote in my paper diary and then decided to make a pot of oatmeal. As I was making oatmeal Carol got up to face existence. I ate my oatmeal and then decided to listen to music since right now I do not think I can read any of my books. What I should do is go for a morning walk. My brain in the morning sometimes does not want to be active.

I did get out to read this morning a book titled, "We Believe in the Crucified and Risen Lord" Vol. 3 [Ancient Christian Doctrine] Edited By Mark J. Edwards. On April the 3rd we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ Jesus from the grave (Easter/Resurrection Sunday). It is sad to know people really believe a Easter rabbit was nailed to a Cross for their sins. We never gave our kids Easter baskets when they were growing up. We never had Easter eggs hunts on Resurrection Sunday either. It is sad to me that people have no spiritual understanding about the importance of Easter/Resurrection Sunday. Also know spiritual understanding of Good Friday when the Lord Jesus was dying on a Cross for our sins. Yesterday our daughter Beth sent by e-mail a photo of Louisa with rabbit ears around her head. Weird. Our kids know our Christian beliefs about Easter/Resurrection Sunday so it surprises me when they go ahead and give their children Easter baskets and Easter eggs. To me it is an expression of paganism not biblical Christianity. But I have learned in my old age we are all different. If our children want to give their children Eastern baskets then go ahead. I am sure I do things that seem pagan to some Christian people. Who is perfect when it comes to living out the Christian life? We all fall short of the glory of God. There is Christian liberty. Some Christians can eat meat offered to idols, whereas other Christian must abstain. Let us love one another till the world goes up in flames.

Carol will soon be leaving to have lunch with friends. I might go for a walk someplace this morning since the weather is so nice. The day will go by.

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