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a romantic distance on the harsher realities of life

It is now in the flow 4:42 PM Sunday afternoon. The sun has been shining all day and has melted the snow and ice on our driveway.

It has been a quiet day. I have been doing what I usually do each day, which is read my books and write in my paper diary.

Last night I read mainly from a book titled, "A Summer of Hummingbirds" by Christopher Benfey. After reading for awhile I watched television with my wife and went to bed around 10:50 PM. Carol came to bed soon after I did.

music Fennesz 'Venice'

Today I have been reading these books-

"A Summer of Hummingbirds: Love, Art, and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, & Martin Johnson Heade" by Christopher Benfey

"Emily Dickinson and the Art of Belief" by Robert Lundin

"The Life of Emily Dickinson" Two Volumes by Richard B. Sewall

"Emily Dickinson, Daughter of Prophecy" by Beth Maclay Doriani

"Lived Like Loaded Guns: Emily Dickinson and Her Family Feud's" by Lyndall Gordon

"Emily Dickinson" biography by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Carol plans to go back to Covenant PCA tonight. She told me she thinks her church is losing members, because the church seem empty these days. I think it is because most of the members of Covenant PCA are old people and they are either very sick or dying. Young people and families these days are not drawn to conservative Presbyterianism/historical Calvinism. Or it could be that people are leaving Covenant PCA because of the preaching or the lack of pastoral care. Carol plans to ask her Elders if Covenant PCA is having problems when they visit her this Spring at her Family Visitation appointment.

Tomorrow Carol meets friends for lunch. I have no plans for tomorrow or the rest of the week. I live a reflective life. I am a contemplative.

Well I will close to look for something to eat for dinner. Existence keeps speeding by.

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