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language distorts reality

It is in the divine flow of time 8:50 PM Tuesday night. I have been listening to the music of Mars Volta tonight. I have not listened to my Mars Volta CD's in a long spell. Some of my Mars Volta CD's have not listened to completely through to the end in years. I tend to collect music so fast that I never get around to listening to the CD after it is bought. But once in awhile if I am in the right mood I will get a whole stack of CD's and play them till I get bored.

There is so much music in the world!

I have been reading this evening a book titled, "My Struggle" Book One by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I should be done with Book One by tomorrow and will jump right into "My Struggle" Book Two by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I also read today some more of the novel "Mr Phillips" by John Landchester.

I do not go anywhere today due to the bad winter weather. Even though there were times during the day when I was so tired I was screaming inside I did not take a nap. I poured coffee down my throat to keep me falling into a coma.

I did go outside and shovel snow off our driveway this afternoon. The day went by and now I am waiting to go to bed.

This evening I drove my wife to work around 7:40 PM. I pray we meet in the morning. We never know when death will strike one of us.

Nothing came in the mail this afternoon to give me a quick thrill. Well I suppose I will close to wait it out.

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