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the odor of the devil's dung

"And she brought forth her first-born Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn" Luke 2:7

"He Humbled Himself In Swaddling Clothes For Us. Johann Baumgart (Pomarius): He who is glorious and splendid, who is clothed with light as with a robe, was wrapped in poor rags and diapers, that he might cover and conceal our sins from his Father's eyes. Yes, he just pulls on a sack and lets himself lie in dust and earth, in a stinking filthy cow stall, to make amends for the improper desires of our parents, which led them astray in Paradise, and to acquire for us the "first robe"-that lost honor and lordly robe, that wedding garment. He does penance in sackcloth and ashes for our arrogance and the lazy smoke and smell of sins, and to purify us from the slime and mud, the muck and manure of sins, so that we should not in the end smell of the sulfurous smoke of hell and the odor of the devil's dung.

He voluntarily let himself be tied and bound to free us from the power and shackles of sin, death and the devil, to make amends and pay for what Adam and Eve were guilty of in their freedom, with their hands reaching out for the forbidden fruit, so that we would not be eternally constrained by the devil and bound by the fastenings and bands of hell and the chains of darkness.

Although he is over all heaven, he did not grasp after heaven but let himself yield and bend into a narrow little cradle as if into a prisoner's stocks. And the Lord of lords humbled himself so deeply that he let himself be laid next to the cattle in the surrounding stalls, in order to save us from our prisoner's stocks and to gain for us the heavenly rooms for a living space. He made amends for our pride, through which we became cattle and beasts, and lefts us up to heavenly glory with him, so that we might also be revealed with him in glory and carry the likeness of heavenly people, just as here we carried the earthly likeness. GOSPEL ON CHRISTMAS DAY." pg. 49 "Luke" NT III [Reformation Commentary On Scripture]

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