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interview with Karl Ove Knausgarrd in the Paris Review

It is in the flow 9:23 PM Monday night. I listened to music with Carol and then got up to read once again a book titled, "My Struggle" Book One by Karl Ove Knausgaard [Translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett].

music Massive Attack 'Blues Lines' OS

Before listening to music with Carol I sat in the dining room reading "My Struggle" Book One. I am almost finished with Book One and today in the mail I received "My Struggle" Book Two that I plan to read as soon as I finish Book One. I already pre-ordered Book Four of "My Struggle". At the end of March I will order Book Three of "My Struggle".

Tomorrow is a Tuesday. It is suppose to snow and rain tomorrow. Carol works Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The week will go by. We will soon be coming to the end of another Winter season. The days will get longer as we get closer to Spring time.

This evening I was remembering that when Carol and I were Caleb and Emily's age we were living in Jackson Mississippi. I had finished seminary and I was looking for someplace to do my minister internship. We finally moved to Houston Texas to do my minister internship at Covenant PCA under Dr. Joseph Pipa Jr.. Those years in Houston Texas were some of the worse years of my life. But out of that horrible experience I learned several life lessons. One of the lessons I learned in those horrible years in Houston Texas is that there is no American Dream. Life is basically one of suffering as a Christian. No Cross no crown.

We moved here after Houston Texas many years ago. We have lived in this house I think going on 25 years. We like living in Holland Michigan. My wife grew up in Holland Michigan. Holland is Carol's home town.

So this day has gone by. Well I will close to read some more of the book, "My Struggle" Book One by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

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