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I am going to boil the carcass

It is in the divine flow 7:30 PM Sunday evening. Carol just got home from Covenant PCA. When Carol got home I was coming upstairs after taking a shower. I laid down down from 5:50 PM till 7:15 PM down in the lower level. Our big Sunday turkey dinner blew me out so I had to lay down for awhile in the dark.

We kept care of Josie Joy over the night and this afternoon Caleb and Emily came back over to Holland have a big dinner with Ma and Pa and to get their daughter Josie Joy.

Caleb and Emily got here around 12:30 PM and we ate around 1:30 PM. We all ate and talked. We also celebrated Emily's birthday.

Caleb, Emily, and Josie left around 5 o'clock PM for Grand Rapids MI where they now live. Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed our time with little Josie Saturday and Sunday.

Today I did not read much due to all the activity. I have been mainly reading "Mr Phillips" a novel by John Lanchester.

Well I will close to rest my stomach and wait for tomorrow to come storming over the horizon.

Carol is off tonight and tomorrow night. Do not know what the future holds for us.

Emily & Josie
Emily & Josie

Caleb, Josie & Emily
Caleb, Josie, & Emily

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