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Machine Head

It is 9:31 PM Friday night in the ice berg flow. I am listening to my CD's and waiting to crash. I took my dear sweet wife to work around 7:41 PM tonight. She wanted to stay home, but duty calls. Bills have to be paid. There is no such thing as a free ride in this fallen world. If you do not work you do not eat. Money does not grow on trees.

I got out these CD's to listen to this evening-

Machine Head 'Bloodstone & Diamonds'

Old Man Gloom 'The Ape Of God II'

Old Man Gloom 'The Ape Of God I'

Sonic Youth 'EVOL'

Sonic Youth 'Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star'

Tomorrow morning I volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library Used Books Store from 10 AM till 1 PM. I plan to leave early tomorrow morning to go buy dog food for Rudy at the Chow Hound Pet Store. Rudy eats a special blend of dog food because of his bad skin. A bag of dog food for Rudy goes for $40.00 dollars! Rudy also gets groomed this coming Monday morning. That will cost us another $40.00 dollars. Also next month Rudy goes to his Vet for his yearly check-up and shots which will be over $100.00 dollars at least. We love our dog Rudy so we keep him in good health/physical condition. God is a compassionate God. As humans made in the image of God we also show compassion towards God's creatures/dogs and cats. God takes care of His creation.

Soon Spring will be here and birds will be mating and building nests for their young.

Tomorrow night our granddaughter Josephine Joy will be here for the night. We are babysitting Josie so Caleb and Emily can celebrate Emily's birthday. We look forward to spending time with little Josie. I am sure we will be taking a ton of pictures of little baby Josie this weekend. Sunday Caleb, Emily and Josie will be here to eat a huge Sunday dinner. I realize that Carol is cooking this big Sunday dinner to celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday. On Holy Days like Resurrection Sundays families come together to remember the death of Christ/Resurrection of Christ from the grave/death. Because He rose from the dead all those in Christ will also rise with Him in eternal life/reign with Him throughout eternity in the kingdom of glory.

I remember when Carol and I would drive over to Holland from Grand Rapids to visit Carol's Mom and Dad with Caleb and Josiah when they were little. I should dig out those old family photos of Carol's Dad with the boys and post them here. Carol's Mother and Dad have gone on to Heaven. Carol's Dad died many years ago and Carol's Mother died a couple of years ago. Now our children come to visit us with their children like we would have come and visited Carol's parents many years ago with our children. Life repeats itself. The Lord is good. Children and grandchildren are blessing from the Lord God.

It is now 9:50 PM Friday night. I have been reading this evening from a novel titled, "Mr Phillips" by John Lanchester. Well, I am tired so I will close to listen to music and wait to get sleepy. There is no way of escape.

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