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autarchy for the benefit of the master race

It is 1:48 PM Saturday afternoon in the ice snow flow. I am home from volunteering at the Herrick Public Library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. The library book nook was slow so I wandered the store and read from a book I found at the book nook today to add to our library titled, "Thinking The Twentieth Century" by Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder. I had brought to read but didn't a book titled, "Savage Peace: Hope And Fear In America 1919" by Ann Hagedorn.

I brought home today these used books from the book nook to ADD to our library-

"Thinking The Twentieth Century" by Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder (I have been reading a couple of books by Judt lately. I have in our library a book by Timothy Snyder titled, "The Red Prince: The Secret Lives Of A Habsburg Archduke".)

"Sweet Tooth" a novel by Ian McEwan

"HHhH" a novel by Laurent Binet (Translated From The French By Sam Taylor)

"Foreign Bodies" a novel by Cynthia Ozick (I collect the writings of Ozick.)

"Queen Of America" a novel by Luis Alberto Urrea (In our library I have two other book by Urrea, "The Devil's Highway: A True Story" and "The Hummingbird's Daughter".)

When I got home I ate lunch and then wrote in my paper diary. No much else to report. Carol called this morning and after she gets home this evening we are going to go to a grocery store. Carol's plane ought to be landing in Grand Rapids MI around 3:30 PM this afternoon.

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