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Denis Johnson

It is 4:48 PM Friday evening here in ice land. I have been wandering the house so as not to fall asleep. I could drink another cup of coffee, but maybe later. I need to clean the house before Carol gets home tomorrow. I am not one to do any intensive house cleaning. I will clean our main bathroom, mop the kitchen floors and vacuum the living room before Carol arrives from visiting the West.

When not wandering in circles I have been reading a book titled, "The Modern Mind: An Intellectual History of the 20th Century" by Peter Watson.

One of the used books I picked up this morning was by the American writer Denis Johnson titled, "Tree Of Smoke". I already had this novel by Denis Johnson, but my copy is a hardback and this one is a used paperback. I am right now writing in my main study. I have these books by Denis Johnson near me. I will list the books I have by Denis Johnston as to keep myself from falling asleep-

"Tree Of Smoke" a novel by Denis Johnson

"Nobody Move" a novel by Denis Johnson

"Already Dead" A California Gothic by Denis Johnson

"Seek Reports From The Beyond America & Beyond" by Denis Johnson

"The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations Millennium General Assembly" Poems Collected And New by Denis Johnson

"Angels" a novel by Denis Johnson

"Jesus Son" Stories by Denis Johnson

"The Veil" Poems by Denis Johnson

"The Stars At Noon" a novel by Denis Johnson

"Fiskadoro" a novel by Denis Johnson

"Resuscitation of A Hanged Man" a novel by Denis Johnson

I think Denis Johnson has a new novel out that is not in our library yet. I am hoping to find it used someday.

So existence keeps floating by like a giant block of ice. I suppose I will close to wander. I am not going anywhere in this ice storm.

"Third sense in which the twentieth century is different scientifically from earlier eras lies in the realm of psychology. As Roger Smith has pointed out, the twentieth century was a psychological age, in which the self became privatised and the public realm-the crucial realm of political action on behalf of the public good-was left relatively vacant. Man looked inside himself in ways he hadn't been able to before. The decline of formal religion and the rise of individualism made the century feel differently from earlier ones." pg. 3 Peter Watson
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