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Question of the Day: Say what? What's the most unusual conversation you've ever had?

Reply: Many years ago I was at a Grateful Dead concert and before the show I had a very long conversation with a Dead Head. In those days I carried with me a small portable tape recorder and taped our cosmic conversation.

LJ comment: You don't, by any chance, still have that tape, do you? I would love to hear that.

Reply: Me Yes I do have the tapes-I should add in talking to this Dead Head I was doing my minister internship in Houston Texas in the 1980's around 28 to 29 years ago-I once used the tapes in a Wednesday Night talk on Evangelism-I played the tapes for the church congregation and if I remember correctly the people were puzzled-it was all beyond them-I have no way of copying the tapes-the tapes are over an hour long-I have to go dig the tapes out-at one time I had a Tape Library of over 3000 sermon tapes etc. years ago I donated my Sermon Tape library to a theological seminary in Grand Rapids MI-I still have all my sermon tapes-Sunday school teaching tapes-when our kids were growing up in Texas I made a monthly tapes of us family Reality-I am not into taping stuff now because I lost interest-I now write here LJ and in my paper diary-I have lost my voice-hope you are having a nice time there in Germany-peace

Time lapse Thursday 2/19/2015 12:52 PM
This morning I went down into the lower level looking for those tapes of my conversation with that Dead Head, but failed to find them. I think I put those tapes with the year I taped them, which was in the 1980's when we lived in Houston Texas. I was not in the mood to pull down ton of boxes containing my 1980's Diaries. The boxes containing my 1980's diaries weigh a ton! Right now my back hurts due to tension/anxiousness.

What I found out in revisiting my boxes of cassette tapes is that I have over a thousand cassette tapes in four cardboard boxes. I had forgotten how many cassette tapes I had kept when many years ago I donated three thousand sermons tapes to a theological seminary in Grand Rapids MI (Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary).

I started listening to sermon tapes back in the early 1970's. For 20 years I collected the sermons of two Gospel Ministers Dr. Albert Martin (Reformed Baptist minister) and then Dr. Joel Beeke (Dutch Puritan Minister). I also collected sermon tapes by many other Calvinistic ministers.

I still have many cassette sermons by Dr. Beeke and many other Calvinistic ministers down in the lower level.

I also have many cassette tapes of New Age music. When we lived in Houston Texas I taped a radio show called Hearts of Space/New Age music. I also have music tapes by other musical artist down in the lower level.

I have also have on cassette tape sermons I preached when I was at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson Miss.. I preached every Sunday sometimes twice in country churches in Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. Sometimes on Sundays I would have to drive two or three hours to some these churches. I was usually paid $100.00 dollars for my preaching service, which helped with our family living expenses. Carol did not work full time when we were in seminary. I worked for the seminary on the Grounds crew for four years and preached on Sundays to bring in money. We were also supported with financial gifts from other Christians in Grand Rapids MI.

I have all the sermons I preached at Covenant PCA Houston Texas on cassette tape. Once in awhile I will get one of those sermon tapes out and listen to it. I was not too bad of a preacher back in those days. I sound on cassette tape scared. I suppose I never felt comfortable in front of a congregation of professing Christians. I preached from a position of being broken but deeply in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. Too bad to realize that was not enough to get me ordained into the Gospel ministry.

I have tons of my sermons on tapes and also all the Adult Sunday classes I taught for over 15 years at two different churches. Back in our Mississippi and Texas days I was always taping/recording myself. So all those cassettes are in boxes down in the lower level.

I also have cassette letters from a pen pal I exchanged cassette letters with for a couple of years when we lived in Texas.

I stopped listening to sermon tapes many years ago. I stopped recording myself after we left Messiah Independent Reformed Church Michigan. I stopped listening to sermons on tape many years ago. I am not into listening theological sermons any longer. So many years I ago I donated my cassette sermon library to a seminary in Grand Rapids.

I am now into collecting music on CD's which I know is a complete waste of money. Well this is my cassette tape rap.

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