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the author of time transcends time

It is in the ice and snow flow 11 o'clock AM late Tuesday morning. Outside right now it is snowing and 20 degrees. I have been up since 5:30 AM. I am trying to not take a nap today, because I sleep better if I don't take a nap. I was sitting in the living room falling asleep before I decided to write something in my blogs.

So I got up way too early and made myself a pot of coffee. Next I messed with our main computer. I fixed myself oatmeal for breakfast and after I ate my oatmeal I wrote in my paper diary.

Carol called me around 8:30 AM our time and 6:30 AM their time in Arizona. She was up reading her Bible and listening to the sounds outside her window. She said it was nice to have a window open and to be able to sit outside in warm sunny weather.

After talking to my wife I fed the birds and got out these books to read when not falling asleep-

"We Believe in One Lord Jesus Christ" Volume 2 [Ancient Christian Doctrine] Edited By John Anthony McGuckin

"Luke" New Testament III [Reformation Commentary On Scripture] Edited By Beth Kreitzer

Not much going on this morning. Sitting in the living room listening to electronic music and watching snow fall outside. Existence keeps flowing by.

Last night I read and watched television. I went to bed around 10:25 PM last night. Now it is another day.

Well I will close to drift through the day.

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