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President's Day

It is 9:02 AM Monday morning. It is 1 degrees here where I am. I am frozen in tears. Outside this morning it is the color of gray. It is going to snow sometime today. It is going to snow the rest of this week.

I got up around 6:34 AM this morning. I got up made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and then made myself some oatmeal for breakfast.

Carol called as I was watching the birds by our bird feeder. Today Carol said they are all going to a lake surrounded by mountains. I told her I will spend the day waiting it out. I am not going anywhere. I was thinking of getting my hair cut today and my beard trimmed. I was thinking of going to a grocery store. Right now I am not sure what I will do. If it starts snowing I will stay put.

This morning I read for morning worship from my newest book titled, "The Deluge: The Great War, America And The Remaking Of The Global Order, 1916-1931" by Adam Tooze (Author of "The Wages Of Destruction").

Last night I read my books and watched television/Amazon Prime. I went to bed around 10:20 PM and read till I got sleepy from the book, "The Deluge" by Tooze.

Well I do not know what else to report so I will close to wait it out. There is no place to go. I am living according to the will of a Sovereign God.


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