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the sleep of religion

It is in the flow of existence 6:13 PM Sunday night. It is troublesome to see Diaryland still broken going on two months. I think Diaryland has come to an end sad to say. I have been here writing down my life since 2001 and Diaryland has never been broken this long. I suppose Andrew has decided to let Diaryland die a slow and certain death. My thinking is that Andrew thinks if he does not fix Diaryland people will in disgust abandon ship. All one can do now in Diaryland is write words. I can not send notes or archive old entries. I will miss Diaryland and the people I have met over the years here. I mainly write in LiveJournal, but many people have also left LiveJournal. I think with the invention of cell phones/texting people no longer communicate indepth-we now communicate in code symbols. The written word will be something of the Past. I suppose I must embrace my isolation from the outside world of Diaryland and LiveJournal. Where to find people to communicate with in a world where people only communicate my text messages. I do not own a smart phone or a cell phone. I am a man who writes words not symbols or fragmented words to the Void.

It has been a very cold sunny day here in West Michigan. It is now below zero here in my hollow space.

My wife is not here but out West visiting our daughter Bethany and her husband Andy & baby Louisa Mae. Hopefully this coming Saturday my wife and I will be reunited. Still I know one day death will separate us till the Day of Resurrection. We will all meet (meaning the Elect of God) around the table of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God the Lord Jesus Christ the King of Glory.

I have been mainly reading this afternoon a book I bought last year titled, "The Great And Holy War: How World War I Became A Religious Crusade" by Philip Jenkins. I am not in the mood to watch television these days. I plan to go to bed early tonight. But to be honest I am mentally tired so I might have to watch TV to rest my over active mind.

Well I suppose I will close to feel cold and weary. Lately all the sad news in the world causes me to weep.

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