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Platte River

It is in the flow 1:39 PM Friday afternoon. I left the house this morning to visit Echo Thrift store. I try if possible to visit all the thrift stores in the Holland area. I usually visit these thrift stores each month-

Shelby's Place - Harbor Humane Society thrift store

Community Action House thrift store

Bibles For Mexico thrift store

Goodwill thrift store

Salvation Army thrift store

Holland Rescue Mission thrift store

North Side Bibles For Mexico thrift store

Echo thrift store

Ditto's thrift store

All these thrift stores raise money to clothe, feed, and educate those in need.

I find most of my used books at the Salvation Army thrift store. I do get used books from the Herrick Public Library used books store when I volunteer there on Saturdays from 10 AM till 1 PM.

This morning at Echo thrift store I bought these two used books-

"Platte River" three novellas by Rick Bass (I have two other books by Rick Bass in our library, "The Lost Grizzlies" and "The Book Of Yaak".)

"Late Harvest: Rural American Writing By Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry, Carolyn Chute, Annie Dillard, William Gass, Garrison Keillor, Bobbie Ann Mason, Wallace Stegner, and Others" Edited by David R. Pichaske

I got home from visiting Echo's around 12:30 PM. I ate lunch and received a phone call from my wife telling me she was now in Phoenix Arizona waiting for Beth and Louisa to pick her up at the airport.

So the day goes by. I have been wandering the house, watching the birds, and reading "George Orwell Diaries". Not much else happening.


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