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time to cash in your chips

It is 9:24 AM Tuesday morning in the ice flow. Outside this morning the sun is shining but it is very cold. A good morning to go ice fishing on Lake Michigan.

I just got back from putting gas in our old Dodge van and picking up a prescription at Family Fare grocery store. That was fun. Now I am sitting in my main study writing in my blogs. Existence keeps rotting.

I think I got up this morning around 6:01 AM. My wife was already up reading her Bible in the living room. Do houses have dead rooms?

I have been basically struggling not to fall to sleep. I have not been getting much sleep these days.

I have no plans for the day. Carol is in the kitchen making potato soup. She works the next two nights and then she is off for 12 days. She leaves for sunny Arizona this coming Friday morning at 7 o'clock AM. When Carol leaves it will be snowing here in Holland Michigan, but sunny in Arizona.

Well not much else to report. I have not read anything this morning. I did write a couple of pages this morning in my paper diary. Last night I mainly read, "Orwell: The Life" biography by D. J. Taylor.

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