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the culture of censorship and denial

It is 2:03 PM Monday afternoon in the flow of existence.

This morning Carol got back from her errand of mercy around 9:48 AM. We went grocery shopping and after food gathering we visited a thrift store so I could look at their used books. I found two used books to ADD to our book collection-

"Wealth Of Nations" by Adam Smith

"Diana Mosley: Mitford Beauty, British Fascist, Hitler's Angel" biography by Anne De Courcy

When we got home it was around 11:30 AM. We put away our groceries and I ate lunch. Lately when I eat some food it tastes terrible. When I eat food I feel sick afterwards.

Emily and baby Josie are visiting us this afternoon. Emily, Josephine Joy, and Carol are going downtown to walk around.

This afternoon I have been reading, "Orwell: The Life" by D. J. Taylor.

Well since I am extremely sleepy this afternoon I will close to feel wasted.

baby Josephine Joy Keen
Josephine Joy

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