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to resume the old policy of building strength and unity where we can in the free world

It is 7:01 AM Saturday morning. I am up early this morning because I had a bad dream and I woke myself up. In this dream I had no books to enable me to study the Bible. I love having a book collection/a minister's library in order to dig deep into God's Word the holy Bible. I do not know how minister's can live without a minister's library to enable them to preach and teach the Bible. It must be extremely difficult for a Chrisitan minister to be poor and not able to buy books. At the same time maybe if I had no books I would be depended on God the Holy Spirit to teach me divine Truth. Maybe all I need to do is sit in silence before the Word the Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe in my old age I am becoming a cold Christian intellectual. I should read "The Dark Night" by St. John of the Cross once again.

So I got up let Rudy out of his cage and made a pot of coffee. I read blogs in LiveJournal and Diaryland. Sad to say I believe Diaryland is broken and the fellow who runs it is not going to fix it. I expect Diaryland to disappear soon. I wonder how long will LiveJournal last. I mainly write in my paper diary, but I will miss my friends in LiveJournal and Diaryland. In someways my true friends are the people I read each day. I do wish I had friends, but I am alone marching to up the heavenly Zion the City of God. I need the Communion of the Saints.

This morning once again I volunteer at the Herrick Public Library used books store from 10 AM to 1 PM. I do not know what the weather will be like today. Carol is at work right now and when I pick her up I will bring her home and she will sleep all day. Next Saturday my wife will be in sunny Arizona visiting Andy, Beth, and baby Louisa. I will be alone 10 days. Maybe while Carol is gone I will fast and read through the New Testament. I need to prepare for death.

Last night I watched television and then read these two books till I got sleepy-

"The Letters Of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr." Edited by Andrew Schlesinger & Stephen Schlesinger

"Journals 1952-2000" by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Edited by Andrew Schlesinger & Stephen Schlesinger

I like reading personal accounts in letters and journals of historical events in American history. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. was a fine American historian. I enjoy read His Story. I am a product of His Story. I am in the flow of His Story. I am living in the historical narrative of the life of the Risen Christ.

I went to bed last night around 10:25 PM and now it is 7:16 AM. I will close to make myself a bowl of oatmeal. I need to get saved.

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