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God became visible

It is 8:53 AM Friday morning. It is another cold winter day here by Lake Michigan.

My wife left this morning with a friend to go out for breakfast. When I met Carol 36 years ago this friend of Carol's was her roommate. Carol has many friends that go back to her youth. Carol has friends that go back when she was in Nursing School 45 years ago.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. Carol was already up working on her Woman's Bible Study on the Book of Job. I made myself a bowl of oatmeal and had breakfast. After breakfast I messed with our main computer and then wrote in my paper diary. Next I took out the garbage and cleaned the kitchen.

I have nothing to do today, which is fine with me. I love my quiet life.

Last night Carol got up around 6 o'clock PM. During the evening hours we watched television/Amazon Prime. I went to bed around 11:15 PM and Carol came to bed later.

music The Future Sound Of London 'Teachings From The Electronic Brain: The Best Of FSOL'

Last night I mainly read before watching TV was a book titled, "The Ecstasy of Influence" by Jonathan Lethem. I do not know what I will read this morning. I did read also last night, "Luke" New Testament III [Reformation Commentary On Scripture] Edited By Beth Kreitzer.

Well, I suppose I will close to face the cold wind. I read this morning that the band Built to Spill has a new album coming out in April 2015. Built to Spill is one of my favorite bands. I have all their records in our music library.

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