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God is beyond being

"One major problem that Christians had with the term ousia was that in ancient Greek thought it was a finite concept. An ousiacould be defined by referring to its attributes-its shape, color, weight, and so on. But the God of the Bible is not finite and cannot be defined in the same way. To attempt to do so is a distortion of reality that amounts to a falsification and a form of intellectual idolatry. As a being, God is fundamentally different from anything else because he is the Creator and we are his creatures. We can look at other creatures and contrast them with God by saying that he is not like any of them, but we lack the conceptual tools necessary for defining what he is. Even to say that God is a being runs the risk of limiting him to a definable concept, a fact that led many Christian theologians to insist that God is beyond being, or to me on ("nonbeing"), because he cannot be reduced to any such mental category. Out of that conclusion the Christian mystical tradition was to emerge." pg. 306 "God Has Spoken: A History Of Christian Theology" by Gerald Bray

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