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Answer for question 4220.

What do you do with old greeting cards and letters you receive? Do you throw them away or keep them? If you keep them, where do you put them?
It has been many years since I have received a letter in the mail. Once in awhile I receive an e-mail and I usually print those out and put them in my monthly journal. If I get any cards like for my birthday I put those also in my monthly journal. I would never throw any personal letter away or card.

I have personal letters and cards going back to the year 1977. I wish I had all the letters ever written to me. For many years I had pen pals and cherish those letters. Years ago I use to write letters to people and never mail them. I miss the days when I would get a personal letter in the mail. Now we communicate by e-mail which is so impersonal in some ways.

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