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notoriety is the only true form of postwar American literary fame

It is 10:07 AM Monday morning in the flow. Here it is 8 degrees and sunny outside. At least it is not snowing. Yesterday our snow plow man did not show up so I had to shovel a ton of snow off our driveway so I could drive Carol to work at 7:50 PM. During the night our snow plow man came and cleared off our driveway the snow I had no strength to remove myself. I am terribly out of shape/a flabby old man.

I got up this morning around 6:34 AM. I made myself a cup of tea and then messed with our main computer. I am glad the New England Patriots won the Superbowl. After messing with our main computer I made myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and then read, "The Ecstasy of Influence" essays by Jonathan Lethem. Carol called around 8:30 AM telling me she was ready to come home from work. The streets were deep with snow but Carol's car has four-wheel drive therefore due to have four-wheel drive I got to the hospital and back without getting stuck in snow. Carol has gone to bed for the day and I have done the usual morning things like feeding our birds, reading some more of the book, "The Ecstasy of Influence", and writing in my paper diary.

I have nothing to do today worth doing. I suppose I will close to drift through another day. I do not plan to leave the house today due to the streets being impassable. I will read my books and watch Time slowly crawl by on the frozen snow covered ground. The Lord is good.

a sermon by my Diaryland friend Jon David

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