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authentic exegeses of the evangelical and apostolic tradition

"The importance of these texts, the very reason why they were designated patristic in the first place, is that they have been commonly regarded across centuries of the life of the church as authentic exegeses of the evangelical and apostolic tradition. As such they are the heart's blood of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church of Christ that is called to make its journey across time and space confessing one and the same gospel in fidelity to its risen Lord, and with sufficient wit to know how to preach the ancient kerygma faithfully, allowing its renovating power to shine out in ever new historic conditions and philosophical environments.

When one looks at the creedal causes in slow motion (something this book will allow the reader to do preeminently), it is startlingly obvious how almost all of them take their life as meditations on a foundational biblical phrase, most of which, in turn and in their own original contexts, were exclamations of praise. The technical term for this movement of praise in the face of the mighty works of the Lord was "doxology." It is a word derived from the Greek doxa, the "glory" of the Lord, which in and of itself evoked the glorification of the wonders of God from the heart of the church. In short, we might well say, the faith of the early church was doxological in essence. We would, indeed, not be going too far astray to infer that all true theology, ever since, has been doxological in essence; and when it has not been so, it has surely lapsed from the highest quality of theological statement, since it has forgotten its telos (its end, its goal and its purpose)." pg. xvii 'Introduction' "We Believe in One Lord Jesus Christ" Volume 2 [Ancient Christian Doctrine] Edited By John Anthony McGuckin

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